How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Whenever the temperature falls, there is more risk of freezing pipes. Freezing of water lines can cause pipes to burst and destroy your home. Even a little ice can be the cause of burst and destruction. About 9 percent expansion in volume when water freezes.

The pressure in the pipes might go from 40 pounds square inch to 40,000 psi. No pipe can hold such huge pressure hence it bursts. This can be inches or even feet. Usually property damage can be caused due to bursting of pipes. It is a common misconception that frozen pipes is an issue where a cold climate exists. However, this issue invokes when homes are not properly insulated.

Frozen Pipes Service
Frozen Pipes Service

Follow These Temporary Steps to Prevent Freezing Pipes: –

  • Switch on the fans to blow heat into cold rooms
  • Cabinet doors should be opened so that warm air can reach the pipes which are under the sinks.
  • Leave doors open if you have exposed pipes
  • Reduce the formation of ice by turning up the heat
  • Fix all the Crack and holes
  • Application of Heating Tape
  • Allow the stopper to fix the flow of water
  • Addition of Extra Insulation
  • Fit pipes with rubber

Water pipes are much smaller and may be 1 inch in diameter but drain pipes can be half an inch larger. These drainage pipes carry waste water. Heating tape acts like an electric blanket for pipes by supplying heat to the pipe keeps it warm. Fix all the gaps around the holes. These holes and gaps make a compartment which is usually cold. Pipes are usually located in cabinets so it is a good idea to open cabinet doors to make pipes warm. Allowing the stopper will decrease the pressure of water inside pipes which can prevent damage.

Also , pipes can be located in basements so they may require extra insulation to prevent freezing. Fitting pipes with foam rubber can decrease freezing. This is an easy solution and non-expensive too. Providing walls with extra or additional insulation can keep the pipes warm. Winterizing your own home so that your plumbing system should not be affected by high temperatures. One should act fast and shut down the water supply reaching the plumbing system to prevent the pipes from bursting. Application of heat by a hair dryer or heat lamp can also be a good idea for preventing this.

Get ready with a vacuum cleaner, mop or buckets or sponge in case of major leaks. One can also contact an insurance agent to cover the home insurance if some property damage has occurred. By running a dehumidifier to dry out the place where leakage has occurred. These immediacies can prevent bursting of pipes. Also helps in less reduction cost in case of repair.

Call Professionals

If you can’t follow these steps, call Emergency Plumber Glebe to get rid of this problem. KW plumbing service provides heating tape and a variety of plumbing techniques. Call this trusted KW plumbing professional service to winterize your homes. They also help in preventing leakage caused by bursting of pipes.